Northern Regional Hospital is prepared to serve our communities during this coronavirus pandemic.
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Going Home

Getting Ready to Leave the Hospital

Your treatment team will work with you and your doctor toward a satisfactory discharge.
You will receive a discharge plan in writing, which includes information for your care at home, shortly before you leave the Hospital. We will be happy to explain any aspect of your treatment. If you have any questions, please ask your nurse or call the Case Management Office at (336) 719-7000 and ask for extension 5128 or 7244.
Before you leave, your nurse will make sure that you have been given any instructions and written prescriptions that you need. Your doctor will let you know when you will be discharged. Please make arrangements for transportation as early as possible. If you need a taxi-cab or other transportation, please ask the clerk on your nursing unit to assist you.
Before you can be discharged, you or a family member must check out with the cashier’s office to settle your account. Insurance co-payments for emergency department visits are due at the time of discharge. The Hospital accepts Visa and MasterCard payments.
If someone is picking you up, here are a few things you should tell them: 
  • Plan to come to the Hospital about one hour before your discharge time.
  • After taking care of your accounts, you will be transported by wheelchair to the main entrance. For your convenience, ask your driver to bring the vehicle to the main entrance so that you may load in the shelter of the drive-through.
If you do not have a friend or relative to escort you home, arrangements will be made to have you transported by wheelchair to the cashier’s office for check out. Please be sure to have all of your personal belongings with you as you leave.

Discharge Planning

The Case Management department offers discharge planning assistance to help patients and their families. Whatever your concerns might be, our staff is available for consultation, information and referrals to the community. The department also provides financial counseling with regard to health insurance concerns and programs such as Medicaid. If you or a member of your family would like assistance, call (336) 719-7000 and ask for extension 2243 or 5128.