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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get ready for a Cystoscopy ? Nothing
What is a Cystoscopy? A cystoscopy is where a doctor looks into the bladder with a special telescope called a cystoscopy
How long does it take for a Cysto? 5-10 Mins
Do I need a driver if I am coming for a Cysto? No
Why do I need a full Bladder for a Pelvic exam? It makes it easier for the Physician to visualize anatomy.
What is a catheter?  a flexible tube inserted through a narrow opening into the bladder, for removing fluid.
What is a Uroflow? measures the flow and force of your urine stream.
What do I need to do before my Vasectomy?  Take all medications that the Physician has prescribed for you.
Will I need a driver when I have a Vasectomy? Yes
What preparation do I expect before I have a Prostate Biopsy? The Physician may prescribe an Antibiotic  for you to take one hour before the procedure , you will be instructed to purchase two enemas for cleansing.
How can I get a copy of my Medical Records?
We now have an online patient portal to view your medical records. Contact our office for more information!
Is there a charge for filling out forms? Yes! $20.00