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As children grow, adjustments can present challenges. These are not limited to adulthood. With growing, changing environments, relationships and family life, children many times benefit from the help of pediatric counseling. Mental illness, depression, anxiety, OCD, abuse, divorce and bullying are examples of situations that benefit from pediatric counseling. Many children may be having problems concentrating at school, poor social skills or be defiant. They may be dealing with feelings of sadness, worry and anger.
At Northern Pediatrics we have a co-management agreement with Behavorial Health for services provided by licensed professional counselor, Kimberly Spencer. Kimberly is experienced and passionate about providing children optimal care to help them in their health needs. She is a champion of the integrated care model that supports meeting all the child’s individual needs seamlessly. This includes educating practitioners, accessing each child and advocating their care. With her collaborative effort between parents, the child and practitioners at our office, children are able to live healthier lives and overcome individual challenges. With methods such as talk therapy and play therapy, children are able to receive help in a safe environment that encourages their growth and success.