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Sports Medicine

Whether you are a professional athlete, a member of a school or recreational sports team or just a "weekend warrior," we recognize that the needs of all athletes are unique. The providers at Northern Orthopaedics work with your unique situation to offer the best care and recovery plan with the goal of returning to your sport as soon as possible. We work closely with our Physical Therapy colleagues to ensure excellent care and a speedy return to the field.
Many sports injuries are the result of a traumatic injury, but some are related to the overuse of muscles and joints.  

Common sports injuries:

Fractures – Broken bones. The arms and legs are most common. The patient may experience tenderness, swelling and increased pain in the affected area.
Stress fractures - These are fractures that can occur from severe overuse in normal bones, but can also occur with normal use when the bone is weak (osteopenic or osteoporotic.)  
Shin splints – overuse with injury to the covering of the shin bone. This injury is often seen in runners and may be related to shoe wear.
Tendonitis - pain and inflammation of a tendon caused by overuse of a joint.
Tennis Elbow – Repetitive motion injury that results in pain around the elbow, named because it is commonly seen in tennis players.