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Fracture Care

Bones will flex and bend somewhat when subjected to force. However, if the force is too much a bone will fracture. Most fractures do not penetrate the skin, but when a broken bone causes a break in the skin this is commonly referred to as an “open” fracture.

Fractures are usually accompanied by pain, swelling and possible deformity of a limb. X-rays provide a more accurate look at the bone area and allow your doctor to accurately  diagnose your injury and discuss treatment options with you. These are some common ways that fractures are treated:
  • Immobilization of the broken bone with a cast or splint.
  • A functional cast or brace that may allow some movement of nearby joints.
  • Reducing the fracture which is manually realigning the broken bone without opening the skin
  • Surgery to restore normal alignment of the bone. This may include plates, screws, pins or other forms of hardware.