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Sleep Center


Provided by the Sleep Center at Northern Hospital Over 70 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disorder. Sleep problems are serious because they can interfere with relationships, work and a person's overall sense of well-being. For people working in the transportation industry (trucking, rail, bus, etc.) or whose job involves working with machinery, sleep problems pose a serious safety threat.


Fortunately, advances in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders are helping people get the rest they need in order to lead productive lives. Northern Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment procedures to help people overcome their sleep problems. The specialty of treating sleep disorders continues to grow as physicians learn more about the body's sleep patterns and the impact poor sleep quality has on a person's daily life.


Sleep disorders treated at the Sleep Center of Northern Hospital include: Difficulty falling asleep Staying asleep or staying awake Daytime sleepiness Excessive use of sleeping pills Nighttime chest pain Morning headaches Heavy snoring Breathing irregularities Sleep apnea

Primary care of family physicians refer their patients to local physicians specializing in sleep disorders. These physicians refer the patients to The Sleep Center at Northern Hospital. Staff then evaluate and monitor patients in a Sleep Lab located at the hospital. The referring physician specializing in sleep disorders, then reviews the results of the sleep study and decides upon a course of treatment. The primary care or family physician is then notified of the results.


Sleep studies are accepted diagnostic procedures and are covered by most insurance. Our staff will be happy to determine coverage. The Sleep Center at Northern Hospital can help. To learn more ask your personal physician.