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MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)



  • Upper and lower extremity, joint and non-joint MRI scanning
  • MRI of the brain, orbits, face, and neck
  • MR Angiography (MRA) of the brain to assess intracranial vessels
  • MRA of the neck for assessment of carotid arteries
  • MRI of the spine
  • Abdomen and pelvis MRI/MRA
  • Diffusion imaging of the brain to R/O acute stroke
  • Breast MRI scans (w/ CAD)



The facility currently offers MRI scanning 6 days weekly (including Saturday appointments) utilizing a 1.5T scanner capable of all conventional MRI/MRA scanning protocols. All MRI Technologists are nationally registered RT(R)(MR) as certified by the ARRT. The MRI service is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

NHSC MRI/MRA scans are interpreted by experienced radiologists routinely, giving you the highest quality level of diagnostic information available. The 1.5T MRI scanner is of the latest technology platform offering cutting-edge MR diagnostics.