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Northern Birthing Center

“I admit I was a bit nervous and scared,” recalls 31-year-old businesswoman Nicole Moody Harrison, as her labor pains intensified rapidly before giving birth to her first-born child.  Within minutes of entering the Birthing Center of Northern Regional Hospital, Nicole’s nervousness was abated as her assigned care-team showered her with constant care, comfort, and encouragement until little Mary Miles decided to enter the world on January 24, 2017 – just 14 months ago.  
“It was a great experience,” says Nicole, a lithe CrossFit enthusiast and runner.  “My nurses were very caring and wanted me to be OK.  They knew what I needed and made me feel I was doing a good job.   Toward the end of my labor, as I was giving some final pushes, I told my nurse I wanted a Sprite or Gatorade.  She said, ‘You just get this baby out and I’ll get you that soda.’   Sure enough, I got my soda immediately afterward!”
With her newborn daughter snuggled safely in her arms, the exhausted but jubilant Nicole gently caressed and dutifully counted fingers and toes while her husband Skyler Harrison, a well-regarded local investment manager, looked on with pride.   As the newly-expanded family of three settled comfortably in the Birthing Center suite assigned to Nicole for the duration of her stay, the new parents prepared to welcome the many relatives and friends who were eager to stop by and catch a glimpse of the 6-pound/11-ounce beauty who had already stolen their hearts.  
“There was plenty of room in my suite – so much so that my husband was able to move a chair and set-up a temporary work-station,” she says.  (Nicole took a brief “maternity-leave” hiatus from her busy executive position as Vice President of Moody’s Funeral Services, Inc.)  

“Everyone was amazingly kind and considerate –
from the doctors to the nurses and the aides and housekeeping staff,” she adds.
“I never once had to push the call button to ask for someone or something --
they were there when I needed them, but also considerate of my privacy.
At one point, even my husband asked out loud,
‘Why can’t everyone have this same wonderful childbirth experience?’”