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“I don’t care what you do to me; just get my baby out safely!” cried 28-year-old Jodi Gunnell to her obstetrician after many hours of exhausting labor and a continual monitoring of her unborn baby’s heart rate – which wasn’t returning to a normal pattern as promptly it should after each contraction.   But Dr. Michael Gentry, the newest member of Northern Regional Hospital’s obstetrical staff, had a more comprehensive plan -- one that encompassed the health and safety of both his patients – mother and baby.
Jodi’s labor started about one week prior to her scheduled due date.   After checking-in to the Birthing Center, she was immediately surrounded by her nursing team who helped her manage her ever-escalating contractions while continuing to dilate.  “I remember being very tired and that Dr. Gentry kept a close eye on everything – constantly checking me and the baby,” says Jodi.   “He explained what was going on with my baby’s heartbeat and eventually determined that he would need to get the baby out.  He was right by my bedside the whole time – and was very patient, understanding and reassuring.  You could tell he knew what to do and really cared.”


 “I remember being very tired and
that Dr. Gentry kept a close eye
on everything – constantly checking
me and the baby.”

Following an emergency C-section on December 29th, 6-pound/8-ounce Kazleigh Jewel greeted her mother and father, 26-year-old Blake, a strong and hardworking forklift operator and production specialist for a local foam company.   “Once she was out safe and breathing, I could relax,” says Jodi.  “Dr. Gentry had told me everything was going to be fine, and it was!”
For the next several days, as the proud new parents hosted their family and friends in their private Birthing Center suite, Jodi’s nurses attended to her every need … and that of her baby’s.   “The nursing care was phenomenal and very personable,” said Jodi, who was also very appreciative of the extra attention and instructions she received about breastfeeding.     
Meanwhile, four-month-old Kazleigh continues to flourish and take center stage.  “She’s great, she’s growing, and she’s our whole world,” says Jodi.   “She looks like her dad; but most people admit she acts like me -- because she likes a lot of attention!”