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About Your Bill & Insurance 

Insurance plans such Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and commercial insurance often cover most of the costs of your hospital services after your deductible is paid. You will be responsible for paying any deductible and charges not covered by your insurance. If you have any questions about your bill or insurance coverage, please contact the Patient Financial Services Department by dialing (336) 719-7458 or 719-7459. Office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

A number of medical services are billed separately from your Hospital bill.

Services providing a separate billing statement are:

Carolina Anesthesia Associates - 877-350-3511

Mount Airy Emergency Physicians - 800-899-5757, then dial #1

Pathologists Diagnostic Services - 877-268-0376

Triad Radiology Associates, PLLC  - 855-735-7719
Surry County EMS - 336-783-9000

Financial Assistance Policy

Northern Hospital of Surry County is committed to providing outstanding healthcare to all members of our community regardless of their ability to pay.  We understand that unexpected medical expenses can generate a concern for you and your family.  That’s why we offer free care to patients who qualify for our Financial Assistance program.

All applicants must complete a Financial Assistance application and provide proof of income.  Proof of income can be a copy of a recent pay stub, W2 Form, tax return, Social Security or Disability verification, public assistance, alimony, child support or education assistance.  Applicants that have income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline will receive 100% discount for their hospital services.

If you have any questions regarding Financial Assistance or need help with your application, please call our Customer Service Representative at 336-719-7458. 

Application available for download. (PDF)


Northern Hospital Introduces Patient Loan Program

Northern Hospital of Surry County now offers patients an affordable loan program to pay out-of-pocket hospital expenses, including deductibles and insurance copayments. Under the ClearBalance® consumer-friendly patient loan program, patients receive a zero-interest loan with reasonable, flexible repayment terms. 

You can enroll in the ClearBalance loan program quickly and easily – no written application is required. You can add future medical bills to your balance and even consolidate balances of immediate family members into one loan. Patients can make monthly payments online, over the phone or by mail. The ClearBalance Patient Experience Center service team is available Monday through Saturday to answer questions. Call toll-free 888.334.4022.