Understanding Your Healthcare Costs

The hospital charges listed are charges Northern Hospital determines to be the appropriate cost to treat these services. These include our top imaging (radiology), laboratory, surgical and our top inpatient services. The hospital charges are not typical of what you will be responsible to pay.

Most patients are covered by either private health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Private health insurance companies, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, receive what are called allowable reimbursements from Northern Hospital. If you have health insurance, the allowable reimbursement is what must be paid for treatment. Depending on your health insurance benefit policy, you may be responsible for paying all or part of that allowable reimbursement. For more information visit About Your Bill and Insurance.


You will receive separate bills for any physicians that helped in providing care during your service and if you were transported by ambulance.  This list of physicians may include the following: Emergency Department physicians, Anesthesiologist/CRNAs, Radiologist, Pathologist, and Hospitalists.  If you have any questions regarding their charges you may contact them at the numbers listed below.

Hospitalists of Mount Airy 1-800-899-5757
Carolina Anesthesia Group, PLLC  1-877-350-3511
Triad Radiological Associates 1-800-889-4447
Pathology Diagnostic Services  1-877-268-0376
Mount Airy Emergency Physicians   1-888-311-8760
Surry County EMS 1-336-783-9000