Cardiac ECHO Testing

The heart is a complex organ that is essential to the body’s regular blood flow and function. When evaluating the heart’s health, how it pumps blood and its effectiveness, a Cardiac ECHO Test is helpful.  

An echocardiogram (Cardiac ECHO Test), an ultrasound of your heart, is a painless, noninvasive procedure used to diagnose structural defects, coronary artery disease (CAD), cardiomyopathies, and the cause of cardiac murmurs. It also captures detailed images of valve function, blood flow and cardiac anatomy.

This procedure can be in done in our office at NMG - Medical Specialists office. You will be asked to like on a bed with EKG leads attached to your chest. These are applied with warm gel to position them to capture the pumping movements of your heart and chest.  A transducer helps to capture images so that the heart structures can be seen and evaluated. This procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes.