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  • Northern Announces Hodgin Scholarship winners


    Northern Regional Hospital recently announced the first recipients of the Robin Hardy Hodgin Education Scholarship awards for deserving students that plan to pursue a career in healthcare.
    The Robin Hardy Hodgin Scholarship, named after the hospital’s vice president for patient services and chief nursing officer, was introduced in October 2019. The Robin Hardy Hodgin Education Fund has, and will be, funded through private donations to be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Northern Regional Hospital Foundation.
    The hospital’s designated Scholarship Committee awards one-time $1,000 scholarships, based on merit and financial need – for up to 10 eligible students enrolled in a health-sciences degree-granting program at an accredited college or university of their choice.
    Scholarships are awarded to prospective students who reside in Surry County or the surrounding region and aspire to a career in nursing or any recognized allied-health professions such as respiratory therapy, physical therapy, medical imaging technology, laboratory science and pharmacy.
    “This valuable program provides a much-needed helping hand to deserving students who have chosen to pursue fulfilling careers in healthcare; it recognizes and honors the distinguished and ongoing career of Robin Hodgin, one of the most gifted and committed nursing leaders we have. It also exemplifies the hospital’s longstanding commitment to giving back to the community,” said Chris A. Lumsden, president and chief executive officer of Northern Regional Hospital, in announcing this year’s award winners.
    This year, seven scholarship recipients were carefully screened and selected by a team of hospital and college leaders.
    Carlee Davidson
    Carlee Davidson, of Pinnacle, is a 2020 graduate of the Surry Early College. She will be attending Wingate University and study biology. Davidson’s goal is to become a physical therapist. Having had a passion for healthcare for many years, her inspiration for physical therapy came after helping care for her grandmother during an illness in 2018.
    “I watched multiple doctors and nurses, along with various therapists come in and help my grandmother get better,” Davidson said. “It amazed me to see how much physical therapy helped her get back to normal … and how much of a difference they make in people’s lives.”
    Ashlyn G. Griffin
    Ashlyn Griffin, of Hillsville, Virginia, is a 2020 graduate of Carroll County High School and plans to begin her studies for a bachelor’s degree in nursing at Radford University. Griffin was also inspired to become a healthcare provider after witnessing others care for a grandparent, her great-grandfather. In her high school years, she became interested in women’s health, and hopes to have a career in the field of obstetrics and gynecology that includes a midwife certification.
    “I knew I wanted to be in the medical field [from a young age] because I enjoyed taking care of others,” Griffin said.
    Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez, of Dobson, is a 2020 graduate of the Surry Early College and begins his studies this fall at N.C. State University where he will study chemistry and eventually attend medical school.
    “Since I was younger, I knew that I wanted to be something big. I wanted to do something that would take years of hard work to accomplish and at the same time love the process and love the profession,” Hernandez said. While accompanying his mom to her doctor visits and serving as a translator, he says he gained an interest in the medical field and “fell in love with the process of becoming a doctor. I know it’ll be hard, but the end result will be worth it.”
    Alyscia R. Leonard
    Alyscia Leonard, of Cana, Virginia, is a 2020 graduate of Carroll County High School and is attending Surry Community College this fall where she will pursue an associate degree in science and then continue her studies in medical sonography at Forsyth Tech.
    “It has always been my dream to be involved in the medical field,” Leonard said. “I have so much passion for helping people [and] they deserve people who will take care of them.”
    Ellie G. Martin
    Ellie Martin, of Mount Airy, is a 2020 graduate of Mount Airy High School. She plans to pursue nursing at Surry Community College. Martin says she has dreamed most of her life to be a nurse, but that it was an experience last year in helping care for a best friend who had been in a car accident.
    “It was this experience that reassured me that I was going to pursue a career in nursing … it was more than a career, it was my calling,” Martin said.
    Kathlyn R. Mauck
    Kathlyn Mauck, of Mount Airy, is a 2020 graduate of Mount Airy High School. She is attending UNC Chapel Hill this fall and will pursue studies in biology and pre-medicine.
    “My passion for medicine and desire to become a physician was really solidified during the summer after my ninth grade year when I had the opportunity to observe a cesarean section on my first day as Junior Volunteer at Northern Regional Hospital,” Mauck said. “I knew from that moment on that medicine is the field for me.”
    Amber N. Mize
    Amber Mize, of Patrick Springs, Virginia, is a 2020 graduate of Patrick County High School and plans to attend Patrick Henry Community College to pursue nursing.
    Currently employed as a pediatric behavioral technician, Mize said, “I have discovered that my heart truly lies in pediatric care. Working with my kids with autism is by far the greatest thing I have ever done in my life. I now know that I want to spend the rest of my life working in pediatrics.”

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