• Birthing Center Enhances Safety Measures


    The safety and security of patients is top priority at Northern Hospital. This week, the hospital further enhanced its security measures when the Birthing Center at Northern Hospital implemented new policies andprocedures to create a safer environment for mothers and infants. 
    As part of its existing Infant Security System, a new visitor policy and protocols have been put in place – effective immediately – to further solidify the safety of all patients.   Under the new policy, the Birthing Center is now a locked unit with limited access to only those visitors granted permission by the mother.  In addition, access to the Birthing Center will be controlled via a two-part process – including the use of a designated elevator and a doorbell at the entrance to the Birthing Center.
    “These stricter guidelines are designed as an extra layer of protection for our patients – both moms and newborns,” explained Cade Wright, Manager of the Birthing Center.   “Our goal, one that is shared by our moms, is to create a safer environment for everyone concerned.” 
    Under the new protocols, visitors may gain access to the Birthing Center by using the designated Visitor Elevator situated around the corner from the entrance to the Gift Shop.   “A sign has been posted to the right of the elevator to let visitors know it may be used to access second-floor units – including the Birthing Center and Med-Surg Unit,” explains Greg Casstevens, Director of Safety and Security for Northern Hospital.  “No other elevators will access the second-floor.”
    Once visitors reach the second floor, those wishing to access the Birthing Center must ring a doorbell placed outside the Center’s entrance to speak with a staff member.   As soon as the staff member has gained permission from the patient (mother) to admit the visitor/s, the door will be opened.  As before, no one under the age of 12 will be permitted access to the Birthing Center except healthy siblings of the new baby. 
    “We understand and encourage the joy and excitement of family and friends surrounding the birth of a new baby,” said Wright.  “We have always protected our patients like family, which is one reason we have now created a more controlled environment for their care. 
    “We greatly appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our visitors as we implement these new policies and procedures,” she added, noting that any overflow of visitors will be invited to wait in the Family Waiting Room – located just outside the Birthing Center entrance.  

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