Description of Learning Opportunities

Welcome and Orientation

January 10, 12pm – 3pm – Program Orientation will include luncheon session with Executive Leadership Team.   Participants will be prepared to present a brief written overview of their job and responsibilities within Northern and discuss their goals and expectations of participating in the Northern Leadership Academy.


Participants will be recognized at the Board of Trustees Meeting, Monday evening January 27, and at the Leadership Team Meeting, Thursday January 30th, time TBD.

Class Session Attendance

Participants will attend sessions weekly (session time & days TBD). Class sessions will be led by members of the Executive Team, Leadership Team, and community leaders.  Participants will learn effective leadership skills as well as the organizational structure of Northern.  Each participant will enjoy the opportunity and great learning process by active involvement in discussions.

Legislative Trips

  • Raleigh, N.C. Legislative Field Trip:  Date TBD
  • Washington, D.C. Legislative Field Trip:  Date TBD

Mentorship with Member of Northern Leadership Team

Each participant will be matched with a Leadership Mentor who will provide coaching as well as exposure to strategic departmental and organizational goals.  The mentor will serve as a support and advocate during the Academy experience.

Case Study

Team Case Study:  Participants will have the opportunity to identify an area of need within Northern, research, and work collaboratively to present a Case Study for approval of the Executive Team for potential implementation.  Topics will be approved by the Leadership Mentor.  Presentation will be late May/early June.


Participants will have the opportunity to  shadow two Northern leaders.  A total minimum of 16 hours is expected with 8 hours per leader.  Participants will write a short report on the insights gained through their shadowing experience.  The essay will focus on the perception of the
activities of the department and its contribution to the organization, how that department impacts healthcare, and the leadership style observed.  Shadowing activity will be completed by early May, with a presentation to be submitted on the collective experience.

City/Town and County Leadership Meetings

Participants will attend a City/Town Council and/or County Commissioners/Board of Supervisors meetings and report on their experience during the weekly session following attendance.

Book Review

Participants will read a book on Leadership and will engage in a roundtable discussion of the book in late March/early April.


Participants will keep a Journal and document leadership moments.  The Journal is a scrapbook of leadership observations. Participants may also find it helpful to record other leadership examples observed or read about pertaining to participant’s areas of focus. Periodically participants will be asked to present some of the journal entries to the group.  Entries should be made weekly. A short essay will be written by each participant regarding insights on Leadership at the beginning of the program and how it has changed from the cumulative experience, due by late May/early June.


Participants successfully completing the Northern Leadership Academy will be recognized at a ceremony in June and will receive certificates of achievement.  Graduates will be recognized by the Northern Executive Team, Northern Board of Trustees, and will be presented a gesture of appreciation along with their name inscribed on a Northern Leadership Academy plaque.  This plaque will be prominently displayed within the Northern facility.