Hospital Partners with HealthStream to Conduct Patient Surveys



Northern Hospital is now utilizing phone based surveys to monitor patient care delivered by the hospital’s employees and physicians through a partnership with HealthStream Research, Inc., a nationally recognized healthcare improvement firm.  The partnership allows Northern Hospital’s leadership to evaluate patient experiences on a year around, day-to-day basis.   HealthStream conducts telephone interviews with randomly selected patients shortly after discharge from the hospital.   Patients will volunteer confidential responses ranging from staff communication to the cleanliness and quietness of the hospital environment.


Bill James, Chief Executive Officer says that “HealthStream’s phone methodology will allow us to address any negative experiences more quickly than the mail methodology we’ve used in the past.  Additionally, we are doing our part to be environmentally friendly in going green by switching from mailed surveys to telephone surveys.” Information on the survey process with HealthStream is provided patients prior to discharge from the hospital. Northern Hospital plans to use the patient feedback to drive quality improvement efforts throughout the hospital.


In addition to monitoring patient perceptions of care, Northern Hospital has also engaged HealthStream to assist it in assessing employee satisfaction through annual surveys.  Bill James says “the highest quality of patient care is given by employees and physicians who enjoy where they work, who they work with and what they do each day.  HealthStream will help us gauge our employees’ perceptions so that everyone associated with Northern Hospital can have a more positive experience.”


HealthStream is one of the leading patient satisfaction measurement and learning companies in the country and works with over 1100 hospitals.  Their professional interviewers are well trained and only have access to the patient name, phone number, date of discharge, and discharge area.

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