Hospital Celebrates PeriAnesthesia Week



Northern Hospital of Surry County celebrates PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week of February 7-13th.  Each year, the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses celebrates this week as an opportunity to recognize and honor this specialty nursing practice.  PeriAnesthesia nurses play an important role in providing safe patient care which include nurses working in all phases of pre- and post-anesthesia.  This year’s theme is “Exceptional People, Extraordinary Care” as an organization we are proud of our PeriAnesthesia staff that provide safe patient care, and set the standards that raise our patients level of care from “safe” to “extraordinary”.  “Northern Hospital is fortunate to have the dedicated PeriAnesthesia nurses that we have”, said Brian Beasley, Director of Surgical Services at Northern Hospital.  The hospital currently employs six PeriAnesthesia nurses in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit with over 60 combined years of experience providing quality care to our patients.

PeriAnesthesia nurses play a key role as members of the NHSC surgical team, from the preoperative assessment of our patients, assisting the anesthesiologist in managing pain control during special procedures to providing care during the recovery phase after surgery, Beasley said.   

The hospital is honoring the week with a bulletin board displayed in The Surgery Center waiting room. The board will display information on the profession and celebrate the staff’s role in providing PeriAnesthesia services at Northern Hospital.

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